BlackBean Android 4.1 custom ROM on Galaxy S3

install BlackBean Android 4.1 custom ROM on Galaxy S3

  1. Download the BlackBean custom ROM zip file HERE. Save the file on your desktop and don’t extract its contents.
  2. Download the Gapps file for Jelly Bean HERE. Don’t extract the contents and leave the file on your desktop screen. This fill will install all the Google apps needed by your phone and you experience the full Jelly Bean experience.
  3. When the files are downloaded successfully you should connect the phone to your PC. Move the ROM and the Gapps for Jelly Bean file on your phone’s internal SDcard. After the transfer is complete you have to disconnect and power OFF the phone.
  4. Boot it into ClockworkMod Recovery. Do it by pressing and holding simultaneously ‘volume up’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons. When the screen lights up you can release the buttons.
  5. Now you can choose to create a full NANDROID backup of the existing ROM. Use the ‘backup and restore’ option from CWM Recovery main menu. In case you already have created this kind of backup, then you can skip this step and continue with the rest of this guide’s instructions.
  6. Now select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ option and confirm that you wish to apply this action.
  7. Install the BlackBean custom ROM zip file by selecting ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ or ‘choose zip from internal sdcard’ option. Find the ROM and confirm that you want to install it.
  8. After the BlackBean custom ROM is successfully installed, you should flash the Gapps for Jelly Bean just like you did before at step 7; select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ and find the Gapps zip and confirm its installation.
  9. When both the ROM and Gapps are successfully installed, you can go back to the main recovery menu. Select ‘reboot system’ option and wait for the first boot process into this new custom ROM to complete.
  10. The BlackBean 4.1.1 first boot shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. If it does take more and your device seems unable to boot normally, then it means that the ROM wasn’t installed and you should repeat the tutorial.
  11. When the phone boots normally you should enter your Google account credentials and start testing this new installation.


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