RootBOX custom ROM based on AOKP Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300

RootBOX custom ROM based on AOKP Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3 I9300

RootBOX Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S3 I9300

  1. Download the RootBOX custom ROM from HERE. Save it on your PC desktop and don’t extract its contents.
  2. Next, download the Gapps for Jelly Bean . Make sure that you download the file for Jelly Bean only and don’t extract it.
  3. Now connect your I9300 device to your computer. Move both zip files on the smartphone’s internal sdcard. When the transfer is complete you should unplug the phone from PC.
  4. Power off your smartphone and boot into CWM Recovery mode. Do it by pressing at the same time ‘volume up, home and power’ buttons. When the screen powers ON you should release the buttons.
  5. In case you didn’t create a full backup of the ROM, then you should use the ‘backup and restore’ option in CWM Recovery and create one. When you’re done, move to the next step. In case you don’t want to create a backup, the disregard this step.
  6. Now, select ‘wipe data/ factory reset’ and confirm this process. This will delete all apps, contacts and all other settings. Note that the contents of the internal sdcard will remain intact.
  7. Next, select ‘install zip from sdcard’ and then ‘choose zip from sdcard’. Find the RootBOX ROM zip and install it.
  8. After the custom ROM is installed successfully, you need to repeat step 7 in order to flash / install the ‘Gapps’ zip file. After you install this zip,  you should return to the main recovery menu.
  9. Select ‘reboot system now’. Now your I9300 phone will start its first boot process into RootBOX ROM. Note that this will take no more than 5 minutes.
  10. After the first boot is complete you should see the main Jelly Bean home screen. Enter your Google account details and take control over all your phone’s functions and features.
  11. Test the ROM and tell us in comments if you find any problems with it.


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