Blazer Rom v.2.1 for Samsung Galaxy S3

Blazer Rom Features

The goal of this ROM is to be the smoothest with the best battery life out there, I think I accomplished that.
Based on Latest Jellybean OTA Update - Thanks Freeza
Stock Theme
Zipaligned and Optimized
Stock Kernel
Extended Reboot Menu
Render UI with GPU
Disabled Scrolling Cache
Silent Camera
Removed Annoying Sounds (such as camera/boot up/down,etc)
Disabled Increasing Ringtone
Dithered Holo Background
Call Recording
Enhanced Audio
Build.prop Tweaks
Disabled Double Press to Open Svoice
Custom Boot Animation
Changed Launcher Priority to 1
Disabled Ads
Default Jellybean Keyboard (that allows moving cursor with vol+/vol-)
DRM Processes Removed
Shutdown Animation Removed
1% Battery Mod
Long Press Vol+/- to Change Track
Init.d Support
Ram Optimizations
Ability To Disable Screen on when a Message is Recieved
Native Call Blocking
Blazer ROM [12/9/12] [v2.0]
md5sum: A3FE104B813DBCAECF425148C0B8BF13
Removed Apps

Install Instructions

This ROM is not made for any device other than the Sprint Galaxy S III, if you flash using a different device, I could care less that the browser is force closing on you while watching pr0nz.

Follow these steps or you will probably die.
1) Place ROM on SD Card
2) Nandroid
3) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
4) Flash
5) Reboot System
6) Enjoy!
To Flash the Update Zip
1) Place ROM on SD Card
2) Nandroid
3)Wipe Dalvik and Cache
4) Flash
5) Reboot System
6) Enjoy

Fan Videos

Thanks to: My testers tkemack gr33nd3vil Specialksg1 Howtomen joshbeach Overstew hyperX paulg1981 TASK650
Sprint only, don't ask.
Kangers will be prosecuted
If you loose root just reflash via the zip in the mods section
All issues are brought to you by gr33nd3vilxxx, they are 100% his fault.


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